Other products

From time to time we will add other products to compliment the apps and e-books. Here are some which are currently available or on their way.


A souvenir print or original painting of Everest

WORLD ADVENTURE GUIDES has teamed up with well known mountain artist, Lincoln Rowe to offer you a unique memory of your journey to Everest.  This painting was done from just above Kala Pattar by Lincoln on one of his several expeditions to Everest.  You will recognise the view immediately.

Lincoln also has paintings which he has done from the Western Cwm and from the Tibet side of Everest for sale on his website

To buy a print from Lincoln or to look at his other work click here

Coming Soon……..

Souvenir Maps of your journey to the highest mountain in the world

While we were finishing off the mapping we made a printout of the 1:20,000 map.  It was almost 6feet(2metres) long!  As we hung it carefully on the wall and stood back to look at it we suddenly thought ‘what a fantastic memento of your journey’.

So, you too could wallpaper your wall with a 2 x 1.2 metres 1:20,000 scale hardcopy souvenir map.  Your name and the date of your trek can be printed on the map and, if you have recorded your route with the app, we can overlay your route on the map.  We’ll be announcing the launch of this service as soon as it happens!


“Postscards from the Edge”

We’re working on a fantastic bit of wizardry so you can take a picture of yourself, maybe at Everest Base Camp or Kala Pattar, and the app will turn it into a postcard …

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