Five Essential bits of Equipment to take on your trip to Everest Base Camp….and five to leave behind!


Take with you:


Now this may seem pretty obvious but don’t take new boots. Make sure you have worn them on some pretty long days on the hills before leaving.  They should be super comfortable. Light, bendy and waterproof, you don’t need anything which is stiff or too heavy.  It is possible you might get on to some snow but only really right up at EBC.

Wear them on the plane.  If you lose your bag you can buy everything else in Kathmandu but your trek will be wrecked if you have inappropriate footwear.  You can buy boots in Kathmandu but your own will always be better.  Your whole trek is dependent on your feet. And to give them a bit of respite – buy a pair of cheap, lightweight crocs in Kathmandu for the evenings.

Waterproof bags

Bring these with you from home then you know they will be waterproof.  Chances are the weather will be good but when it rains, it rains properly and you need to know at the end of a long day that your sleeping bag is dry.

Factor 50 sunscreen and sunglasses

Bring this from home.  A lot of this is for sale in Kathmandu but is fake and at altitude even if it is cloudy you will get burned through the clouds.  Wear it every day.

Down Jacket

People will tell you that you don’t need one of these but they are so cosy to wear when it gets really cold higher up.  Hire or buy a cheap one in Kathmandu.  Check out Shonas gear rental in Thamel, (50m from Rum Doodles).  They sell them also.

Face flannel (or cut down a towel)

Once you get higher up on the trek, it gets pretty cold for showering and this will do the trick with a basin of hot water.  Wet wipes will work as an alternative.


Leave behind:

Even if it rains for your entire trip it is unlikely you will need these unless you are there in deep snow.

Huge rucksacks (unless you are carrying everything yourself)

Take a zipped trek bag and a smaller rucksack to carry during the day.  Trek bags are much easier to access and pack in the evenings.

Sleeping pills

The exercise and fresh air should do the trick.  Sleeping pills are a respiratory depressant.

Plane tickets and passport

Leave these in the hotel along with a set of clean clothes.

All your worries and cares

This is a truly awesome trek, and as soon as you step off the plane in Lukla you will be transported into another world.

Have a wonderful time.